Cambridge Pre-School

Let’s be happy and smiling together

Cambridge Pre-School focuses on all facets of Child Development including Linguistic, Physical, Socio-emotional, Cognitive and Creative areas. All areas of growth and development are given equal importance. Our school creates an environment in which every child has an opportunity to develop varied talents. The child is encouraged to understand and master their environment,


Why Cambridge Pre-School

  • It’s a chance for children to expand their world beyond home.
  • It’s a place to nurture young minds in a good environment.
  • This time period is the basic foundation for entire life.
  • ECE (early childhood education..) Plays a vital role in developing cognitive,Social,emotional,ethical skills in children …
  • Personal attention is given each student.
  • We seek a strong basic foundation for our children.
  • We believe that every child is unique and special.